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LinerCare Service
Your Portable Baptistry Liner is made from durable, heavy grade vinyl, that should provide years of hassle-free, leak-free service, when used and stored properly.
It comes with a 15 Year Pro-Rated Warranty (see the Warranty Page for more Warrranty details.)

Furthermore, if someone were to put a hole in your Liner, it is generally very easy and effective to simply patch the Liner, and rarely ever requires replacing.
A patch, when applied properly to the underside of the Liner, should last virtually the life of the Liner, which is made to look and function like new for years.

If you think you may have acquired a leak, but are unable to locate a hole in your Liner, or would rather not patch it yourself with a complimentary Patch Kit, offers the LinerCare Service, as a 'tune-up' for your Liner.
The LinerCare Service is an indepth Liner check-up, where a technician will clean, test, and inspect your Liner, locate and patch any patchable holes, and leak test the Liner thoroughly.

One LinerCare Service is FREE within the first 30 days from the date of your purchase. After 30 days the Service is $249 plus shipping. Most customers will never require this service, but if you do, it is available for your peace of mind.

Disclaimer: reserves the right to determine that a Liner can not be sufficiently serviced, is too dirty to be cleaned, or is otherwise beyond repair, and will recommend the purchase of a new Liner. (Note: This would be rare.)

To receive the LinerCare Service, send your Liner (dry) along with your current contact info to:
                                        12314 Beverly Park Rd., Suite 119
                                        Lynnwood, WA 98087
                                        ph 425-348-3333 or 800-931-2226

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to insure the shipment of your Liner for the replacement amount of $500, in the event that the carrier loses or damages it, then they have bought you a new Liner.

For more information on general care for your Portable Baptistry Liner to help ensure a long life of use, please refer to your Portable Baptistry User Guide.

User Guide Replacement
If you have purchased the Portable Baptistry and need a replacement copy of the Portable Baptistry User Guide, you may request a free copy to download anytime from our website.
With your request please include the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Church Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • When you purchased your Portable Baptistry (approximately), and Customer Number if available
To request your copy of the Portable Baptistry User Guide   CLICK HERE