Pastor's Choice Bundle


The Portable Baptistry Pastor's Choice Bundle brings the contemporary appeal, accommodating size, and unparalleled portability of the Portable Baptistry with 2 Portable Baptistry Entry Steps (HandRails included); one for entering and the other for exiting the Portable Baptistry on the other side.

This Bundle has all the Portable Baptistry Accessories:the convenient and powerful Portable Electric Heater, the Splash Guard for pulpit 'wave' protection, and the Splash Pad for the ultimate stage/floor protection, the Zip Cover for Baptistry protection and some security 'peace of mind', matching Towel Bin/Planters for convenient fresh Towels or decorative floral arrangements, the Portable Baptistry Care Kit with Fill Filter for keeping your investment clean and always ready, along with FREE starter accessories to enable you to set-up and baptize the day it arrives.

The Portable Baptistry Pastor's Choice Bundle includes:

  • Your Choice of Liner Color Motifs (shown below)
  • FREE Portable Baptistry Entry with HandRail
  • FREE Thermal Cover
  • FREE Baptistry 'Liner-Safe' Drain Pump
  • FREE Floating Thermometer
  • FREE Faucet Adapter
  • FREE Storage Strap
  • FREE Sanitizing Cleaner
  • AND
  • 2nd Portable Baptistry Entry with HandRail - for exiting or for a wider, grander Entry
  • Portable Baptistry Heater (110v/220v)
  • Portable Baptistry Splash Pad - floor protection
  • Portable Baptistry Splash Guard - pulpit 'wave' protection
  • Portable Baptistry Zip Cover - Baptistry protection (and general security)
  • 2 Portable Baptistry Towel Bin/Planters - convenient fresh Towel storage or decorative ambience
  • Portable Baptistry Care Kit - the complete kit to keep your Portable Baptistry clean and ready
The Portable Baptistry includes your choice of diverse and attractive Liner Motif Colors from 'ornate' to 'industrial', to perfectly complement your sanctuary. See choices below.


GenesisLiner-EbonyStep-BlackMarble Splash-Pad

Portable Baptistry Genesis Motif
Portable Baptistry Living Stones Motif
Portable Baptistry Joy Unspeakable Motif
Portable Baptistry Mosaic Motif
Portable Baptistry Covenant Motif
Portable Baptistry Celebration Motif

The 2 Portable Baptistry Entries included provide enhanced candidate entry of the Portable Baptistry when they are used side by side, or each Entry can be placed on opposite sides of the Baptistry for smooth entering and separate exiting by the candidate on the other side, avoiding 'traffic jams' of candidates thereby optimizing the 'flow' of your baptism service.

To complement your Portable Baptistry Color Motif, the Entry Steps are available in 2 colors to choose from: Ebony or Myrrh.

Portable Baptistry Ebony Entry

Portable Baptistry Myrrh Entry

The 2 matching Towel Bin/Planters included will keep your fresh Towels handy for candidates as they exit the Portable Baptistry, or serve as complementary containers to hold appropriate floral arrangements like Easter Lillies for Easter baptisms.

Small enough to fit in a backpack the Portable Baptistry Heater is ready out of the box for convenient 'plug and play' 110v plug operation, and is also easily convertible to 220v use.

Portable Baptistry Heater

How the Portable Baptistry Heater heats the Baptistry.

The Portable Baptistry Splash Guard stops any 'wave' off the backside of the Baptistry during baptism immersion and helps keep your floor and stage gear safe and dry.

Portable Baptistry Splash Guard

The Portable Baptistry Splash Pad collects the water dripping from wet candidates as they exit the Baptistry after baptism immersion and the helps keep your floor and carpet dry.

Portable Baptistry Floor Protection

The Portable Baptistry Zip Cover zips over the Portable Baptistry when left set up and unattended providing superior dust protection, as well as some security peace of mind.

Portable Baptistry Dust Protection

Your Choice of Portable Baptistry Color Motifs
are reversible to a Solid Color on the reverse side.

GENESIS reverses to Black
LYDIA to White
CELEBRATION to Bright Aqua Blue
COVENANT to Light Gray
JUDAH to Light Gray
and MOSAIC reverses to Dark Gray

Portable Baptistry Liner Motifs

For Baptistry dimensions see the Specifications page.

The Economy Freight Charge for this item in the continental US is $795.
Please allow approx. 3 to 10 business days for delivery from the date it is shipped.
International Orders please call or Email for shipping quote.

Please Choose:

Configure your Baptistry starting with which Color Motif is right for you

Which color Entry is right for you?

Which color Towel Bin/Planter is right for you?

Which color Splash Pad is right for you?

Which color Zip Cover is right for you?

Add an additional Liner Color Motif for a different and alternate look