The Filter is a handy accessory that attaches to the Portable Baptistry Drain Pump to filter the water when the Baptistry is not refilled with new water between uses, as in the case of a morning baptism service combined with an evening baptism later.

Just attach the Filter to the Drain Pump, drop it in the Baptistry water, start the Pump by plugging into a power outlet, and let it run for approximately 1 to 3 hours.

Also, by attaching the Filter to the garden hose that fills the Baptistry, it will help clarify the water appearance as may be needed when filling from well water, or with water from old plumbing that may benefit from some filtering of rust.

The Filter is reusable. Just rinse out between uses and reuse.

NOTE: A Hose Extension is required to attach the Filter to some brands of pumps such as Jacuzzi brand 1/6 HP Drain Pumps.

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