Portable Baptistry Towel Bin/Planter


The Towel Bin/Planter adds that final touch to the appeal and convenience of the Portable Baptistry. (Towels/Florals are not included.)

Molded to perfectly go with the look and feel of your Portable Baptistry Entry/Exit, the Towel Bin serves as a handy dispenser of dry towels for candidates as they exit the Portable Baptistry.

The Towel Bin can also be a decorative Planter that complements your Baptistry's decor with the addition of seasonal or holiday flowers. Great for artificial arrangements and sturdy enough for real plants too, like Easter Lillies for Easter or Poinsettias for Christmas!

Available in 2 Colors to match your Portable Baptistry Entry/Exit: Ebony and Myrrh

If you prefer to purchase 2 Planters as a matching set to place on each side of the Portable Baptistry Entry/Exit, please choose below.

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