Portable Baptistry Jr.


The Portable Baptistry Jr. offers the contemporary appeal of the full-size Portable Baptistry, but with the ultimate in portability and transportability.
With the Pastor dry, outside the Portable Baptistry Jr., the candidate is seated for full-immersion baptism. After baptism service it is quickly drained and simply stored away in a box less than 2 ft. cube, or smartly transported in the backseat of a small car.

It is the perfect ministry tool for:
  • Smaller Churches
  • Outreach Ministries
  • Portable Churches
  • Prison Ministries
  • Military Chapels
  • and more!

The Portable Baptistry Jr. is easily set up by one person in minutes.

How the Portable Baptistry Jr. sets up.

The Portable Baptistry Jr. comes with the essential items that enable you to set-up and baptize the day it arrives. Just add warm water.

The Portable Baptistry Jr.

The Portable Baptistry Jr. includes:

  • Thermal Cover
  • Drain Pump 1/6 hp
  • Floating Thermometer
  • Faucet Adapter
  • Storage Strap
The Portable Baptistry Jr. holds approx. 150 gallons and can be filled from a faucet with warm water.

Additionally, 2 great Portable Baptistry Heater options are available to complement the Portable Baptistry Jr. Choose below.

The Platinum HEAT Radiant Heater for $300 efficiently heats the Portable Baptistry Jr. with minimal set-up in approx. 24 to 36 hours by radiating heat from a specially designed thermal heat pad that is permanently built into the inside wall of the Portable Baptistry Jr.
Just set the desired temperature on the controls and forget it.

The Platinum HEAT is specially made for the Portable Baptistry Jr. and requires factory installation at time of purchase of the Portable Baptistry Jr.

The Platinum HEAT Radiant Heating System.

For the fastest heating of your Portable Baptistry and easy set-up, add the powerful Portable Baptistry Heater for $799.

The Portable Baptistry Heater heats the Portable Baptistry Jr. in approx. 10 to 12 hours on 110 volt.
When converted to 220 volt, the Portable Baptistry Heater heats the Portable Baptistry Jr. in approx. 3 to 4 hours.

Portable Baptistry Heater

Amazingly compact, the Portable Baptistry Heater is the size of a toaster (just 10 sq. inches) and can be conveniently stored on a shelf when not in use.

This Heater is also the popular choice for heating the full-size Portable Baptistry, and is a great option if you currently have the full-size, or eventually consider having both sizes of Portable Baptistries from PortableBaptistry.com.

CLICK HERE for more details on the Portable Baptistry Heater.

The Portable Baptistry Jr. also includes your choice of decorative Motifs. Choose which Motif you prefer below.

Your Choice of Portable Baptistry Color Motifs
are reversible to a Solid Color on the reverse side.

GENESIS reverses to Black, and LIVING STONES reverses to Light Tan
and LYDIA reverses to White

Portable Baptistry Jr Color Motifs.

No Entry Steps are required for the Jr.

For Baptistry dimensions see the Specifications page.

The Ground Shipping Charge for this item in the continental US is approx. $95 to $175.
Please allow approx. 3 to 14 days for delivery from the date it is shipped.
Faster Air Shipping (1 to 2 days) is also available.
International Orders please call or Email for shipping quote.

Please Choose:

Configure your Baptistry starting with which Color Motif is right for you

Which Portable Baptistry Heater is right for you?

What Add-ons are right for you?

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