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The Baptistry that is Truly Portable!

The Sectional, Lightweight Structure

is easily set up by one person in less than 30 minutes.

Uniquely Convenient To Store

the Portable Baptistry stores away compactly in minutes.

The Portable Baptistry system is State-of-the-Art

making it easy to set-up indoors or outdoors, upstairs or downstairs.

Design that is Modular and Self-Contained

actually bypasses common permitting and building codes that are usually associated with the normal installation of a baptismal pool, and requires:

Great for wherever you worship:

Baptistry Set-Up


Room for Three People

for easy standing, full-immersion backwards.

Unique Structure that is Sectional

and simple to set up by just one person in a matter minutes.

Contemporary and Elegant Appearance

which introduces an appealing presence to any sanctuary.

Modular Lightweight Components

that make the Portable Baptistry really truly portable, not just movable.

Construction that is Sturdy and Durable

and promotes years of dependable service.

Self-Contained Portable Design

does away with special hook-ups, and issues regarding building permits because it is portable.

Material that is Energy Efficient

effectively helps to maintain the temperature of the water without the use of a Baptistry Heater.

Storage Size is Compact

which maximizes the use of your free room space.

Extremely Portable System

that uniquely allows for setup virtually anywhere, anytime in a matter of minutes.

We also offer a full line of Portable Baptistry baptismal pool accessories including:
Baptistry Heaters, Steps and Handrails, Splash Guards, Splash Pads, Sanitizer Solutions, and much more.

Plan your Baptism now

For Portable Baptistry information call:

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